Own Your Power


The Buddha

You are powerful. All humans are powerful. We just tend to be kind of blunderbuss and ill directed in using our power. And part of the ignorance the Buddha diagnosed us with is ignorance of our own power.

Your choices are to continue using your power in an ignorant, blunderbuss way, or cultivate wisdom and compassion that will allow you to use it in a more awake, um, enlightened way.

You can own your power, or not. Your choice.

The way to own your power is to meditate.

That part is within your control. Five minutes per day, at least to start, and see what effect that has on your consciousness, and your consciousness of your consciousness.

The more people meditate to cultivate wisdopassion, the quieter, happier, and more peaceful our world will become. Eventually, we will all dissipate into space, leaving nothing but peace on earth.

So keep meditating.

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William B. Turner

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.