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Tucker Carlson

His mother named him Tucker. “Plum tuckered” means worn out. Poor Tucker. He’s tired. Very tired.

Tucker’s latest whine is that men are in decline and successful women are the reason.

Of course, Tucker is too stupid to offer definitions, but it’s not clear from any evidence what he means when he says men are in decline.

Well, Tucker, you may be in decline. We can hope that you will decline and hurry up about it.

Two questions.

First, why should we believe you that men are in decline?

Second, what do you propose to do about it? Impose an income cap on women so they can’t make more than men? Is this a blanket cap on all women, across the board? Should it vary by the man, so that women who marry men (I assume he mostly cares about married women and men) who make more money can also make more money? So no woman may makes more than her husband?

I though you “conservatives” were all about “freedom.” “Freedom” only for (white) men, apparently.

Please, continue declining, Tucker the tuckered.

Written by

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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