Of Impeachment and Trump’s Base

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Trump’s Base

Who cares about Trump’s base?

Apparently, one of the lame excuses du jour for not impeaching Trump is that doing so will galvanize Trump’s base. Yawn.

Irrelevant. Trump’s base, by definition, consists of people who are dumb enough to have stuck with him until now.

What Democrats are missing is that impeaching Trump will galvanize their base.

Since Nixon, Republicans have consistently pursued policies that are not good for the nation as a whole. They have managed to win elections anyway by playing naked politics with wedge issues, mostly sotto voce racism and abortion, with picking on LGBT people in the mix as that has become more relevant during the period in question.

They play to their base.

For some reason, Democrats have trouble figuring out that, because they mostly pursue policies that will actually benefit the entire country, when they are not signing bad bills that Republicans passed (looking at you, Bill Clinton), they should win easily when they play to their base. That is exactly what Barack Obama did. He ran on healthcare reform, which helped the whole country, no matter what the Republicans say about it, and he was a walking play to the Democratic base as our first African American president.

Hillary Clinton did much the same, except she did not have one, single, marquee issue to run on, since we already had health care reform, and she would have been our first woman president, and, what people keep forgetting over and over and over, she won the popular vote by 3 million. Repeat that: she won the popular vote by over 3 million. Trump was not formally on the ballot in 2018, but if he had been, he would have lost hugely. His Party was on the ballot, and they did lose hugely.

Why is it hard for the Democrats to figure out that impeaching Trump motivated their base into historic turnout in 2018 and that they need to impeach Trump, no matter what the Republicans do or say, in order to fire up their base?

The combination of using wedge issues to motivate their base in order to win elections to pursue harmful policies is hideously cynical when Republicans do it.

Using valid issues to motivate their base in order to win elections to pursue beneficial policies is political reality and unexceptionable when Democrats do it.

Impeach Trump now.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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