No, Ann, You Voted for Trump

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Ann Coulter really is just as dumb as a post. She is a paradigmatic American “conservative” — militantly stupid and proud of it.

Any idiot could see from miles off that Donald Trump was not someone any thinking person should trust. Even before the story emerged about how he routinely stiffs contractors who work for him, it was obvious that he is a mercurial, unstable person whom no one should trust.

But Ann loudly expressed her faith in him because he promised to pursue the stupidly xenophobic policy that makes her black heart go pitter pat. Coulter’s last book, which people at least buy, whether they read it or not, was a screed in opposition to immigration.

There is no point here in giving the list of reasons why opposing immigration in the United States is a fantastically stupid position. If you don’t know by now, you don’t want to know.

Apparently it bothers Coulter not a whit — “conservatives” don’t bother much with intellectual or moral consistency — that Trump himself is the product of “chain migration” — both of his parents got to the United States only as the result of immigrants joining family members who had immigrated previously.

And two of Trump’s three wives — a definite sign of reliability — have been immigrants.

Oh, but they’re all “white.” Coulter’s book laments the 1965 Immigration Reform Act, the third of the troika of major civil rights legislation, after the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. The Immigration Reform Act repealed the explicitly racist National Origins Quota System that Congress had adopted in the 1920s.

The current system, that is, reflects the general condemnation of racism that was the legislative response to the civil rights movement.

Coulter is a good “conservative,” indeed — racist who opposes civil rights.

That is, dumb as a post.

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