New Heights of Impeachability

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Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi

It is way past time to start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi needs to stop praying for him and trying to be his therapist, and impeach him.

She called on his family or his staff to perform an intervention, which is ridiculous. If they could see the need for that, we would not be in this mess.

This is not family therapy, it is politics, of the ugliest, most naked sort. Pelosi wields considerable power and now is the time to use it. Start impeachment proceedings explicitly.

At the moment, the only remotely cogent reason not to impeach him is that the Republicans in the Senate are too scared to vote to remove him, although that would solve their problem. With him out of office, he would still have Twitter, but he would slowly fade into the irrelevance he so deserves.

It is not beyond imagining that Majority Leader McConnell would not even hold an impeachment trial if the House voted out articles of impeachment tomorrow, such is his loyalty to his Party above all else.

But Trump is now headed firmly into the territory of Richard Nixon, who resigned after three Republicans visited him to tell him that he would lose a trial in the Senate after the House Judiciary Committee voted out one article of impeachment, using the transcripts of recorded conversations from the Oval Office plainly showing that Nixon had obstructed justice.

Trump blew past that crime long ago. It is what prompted the two year investigation by Robert Mueller, the report from which precipitated the current inflammation of the rash that is the Trump administration.

What now makes Trump look ever more Nixonian, and more dangerous, is his paranoia. Since he took office, he has claimed that he only lost the popular vote because of large scale voter fraud. Since Robert Mueller began his investigation, he has erupted in increasingly absurd, far fetched conspiracy theories, including the claim that President Obama wiretapped his office.

All of this is just typical Trump stupidity, but he is now veering off into the realm of causing real harm to people who have drawn his ire over the past two years.

He has hurled an entirely unsubstantiated allegation of treason at four specific persons and noted that the penalty for treason is death.

Of course, Trump knows nothing about law or legal procedures, and it is very difficult to imagine how any grand jury would return a charge of treason against any of these persons. Worse, Trump has empowered his lap dog Attorney General, William Barr, to use extraordinary power to declassify documents the FBI gathered as part of its investigation, to exactly what purpose is not clear. Federal judges routinely review classified information in camera — meaning that they look at it by themselves to learn if it is relevant to the case before them and if they can allow its use in open court — so allowing Barr to declassify documents is weird and unnecessary.

Trump has always been a bull in a china shop. Now, he’s going all Ike Clanton and it is high time for Pelosi to open up a can of Wyatt Earp on him. He is acting like a tin pot dictator and the House needs to take steps to stop him. If the Republicans in the Senate refuse to cooperate, so be it.

In the meantime, an investigation that the House explicitly denominates an impeachment investigation can lay out for the public the many very strong reasons to impeach Trump and expect that his history, combined very likely with increasingly unhinged behavior, will lead more Republicans to see the need to remove him.

Impeach now.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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