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Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler

Jesus, Nancy, get it together, please. You apparently really wanted to be Speaker of the House again, so start doing the job, please.

Now the New York Times reports that you have stated that the country is in a “constitutional crisis,” whatever that means. If if means anything, it must mean some huge political or legal problem that is beyond the capacity of the Constitution to address.

Coming from you, this is idiotic and embarrassing. Is Donald Trump ignoring every rule and law that might in any way impede his juvenile, impetuous wishes? Yes. Has he adopted a policy that has hundreds or thousands of people confined in Christian concentration camps? Yes. Is he stupid and reprehensible and not fit to be president? Yes. Does the Constitution provide a remedy for this baleful situation? Yes.

Have you pursued that remedy to the best of your ability? No.

Why not?

This is idiotic, and it makes you look like an idiot.

Is it likely right now that the Senate will vote to remove Trump? No.

Do we know what might cause more Republican Senators to vote to remove him? No.

Have you even tried to find out? No.

Allegedly, you occupy a leadership position. You are supposedly very sensitive to public sentiment and think you should try to shape it.

Get to shaping.

You’re inert. You’re flaccid. You’re really, really, really not getting the job done.

It’s pathetic and maddening, and you risk alienating the very people who put you where you are. Nothing but revulsion for Trump explains the much vaunted “blue wave” that returned Democrats to control of the House in 2018. Since you can claim no credit for that wave, the enthusiasm behind it might survive your gross nonfeasance, but it might not. If Trump wins a second term with no impeachment having occurred before the election, you will bear the lion’s share of the blame.

Nancy, pull your head out and do your job.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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