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Trump’s Base

At the moment, one cheap excuse for not impeaching Donald Trump is that it would solidify his base.

Um, Nancy has a base, too. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. In 2018, he was not on the ballot, luckily for him, because his Party lost even worse then than they did in 2016.

Who’s afraid of Trump’s base? Democrats should be far more worried about alienating their own base with their nonfeasance.

Nancy has been making various idiotic noises about her reasons for not impeaching the president. She has said impeachment is divisive, and she’s right, but having Trump in office is divisive. Surgery is risky and painful, but less risky and painful than leaving a malignant tumor inside a body. It makes no sense to concede to or try to compromise with people who lack the capacity for rational thought. Trump is a major disaster, and we do not need to coddle anyone who cannot see that.

She has stated that the options are not to impeach or not impeach, but that impeachment is a process. Again, she is right, but it is a process that will go more smoothly and have much more impact insofar as the House publicly declares an impeachment. Any one of the various disputes the House currently has brewing with Trump may well end up before the Supreme Court, where the position of the House will be its strongest if the House has declared an impeachment.

Nancy is a fool. She is allowing the enormous enthusiasm and momentum of the 2018 election to dissipate. I guess she hopes it will return in 2020.

She’s going to look really stupid if it doesn’t.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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