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Nancy Pelosi not standing behind Trump quite as much

Maybe it’s the same impulse that leads people to believe, against all evidence, in an omnipotent deity — the desperate need to believe, against all evidence, that the people who are at least trying to run the country are doing a good job, except, obviously, Donald Trump.

Now that House Democrats have finally decided to start the impeachment investigation they should have started the day after Mueller released his report, there is a desperate attempt to portray the delay as a brilliant strategic move on the part of Nancy Pelosi.

This is rank nonsense. Pelosi got lucky. Trump has always reacted in his typically childish manner to any mention of impeachment, and various observers have noticed what they see as his declining cognitive performance. The concern was always present for thinking people that he would gin up some sort of actual emergency to rally the public behind him and make impeachment politically impossible for the Democrats.

Pelosi is just lucky that Trump was too stupid to figure that out. Firing John Bolton was a major error in terms of Trump’s presumptive desire to foreclose impeachment, since Bolton likely wanted to attack Iran, a move that would have caused too much of the public to leap to the so called president’s defense, as they did with Bush immediately after the September 11 attacks.

Whether she did so consciously or not, Pelosi effectively bet that Trump would take some action, short of declaring war or its equivalent, that cried out for impeachment more obviously than any of the crimes Mueller refused to indict him for because of the Department of Justice rule, before declaring war or its equivalent. Good thing for us she was right.

Does impeaching Trump carry risk? Of course. But fortune favors the bold, and Nancy has been anything but bold. She sold herself for the Speakership as a very tough person, but she has been everything else on the impeachment issue.

And now that she has finally taken the key step she should have taken months ago, she needs to be tough, focused, and strategic.

Let’s hope she suddenly starts to exhibit all of those qualities, or finds someone who has them to help advise her in the treacherous waters she now has to sail in.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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