Mob Rule is the Real Lynching

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The Stupid Mob

A stupid mob is still a mob.

There was a time in the history of the world when conservatives, the real ones, were great champions of decorum and order.

It is no news that the “conservatives” in the United States are, somewhat amusingly, almost entirely ignorant of the customs and usages, the traditions, another conservative favorite, of conservatism as its originators and real practitioners once defined it.

So, nearly three years after the Republicans, the notionally “conservative” Party in the United States, stumbled into inflicting a grossly unqualified moron onto the Republic as our president — a gesture towards monarchy? — a number of their denizens just invaded a secure conference room to disrupt the deposition of a Department of Defense official who planned to testify in the impeachment of the so called president.

Mob rule.

There are no reports that any of the Republicans have grabbed any women by the pussy.

They have, however, apparently chosen to follow in the footsteps of their dear leader by being fantastically juvenile and incinerating the dignity their offices should exhibit, or that the holders of those offices should exhibit, by acting like spoiled frat boys.

Mob rule.

Although there are no formal penalties, this bad boy behavior is analogous to the offense of conduct unbecoming an officer in the military. There are clear expectations that are valid in terms of the institution they supposedly serve and its purpose and prohibit, or would if anyone codified them, this kind of activity.

This childish display of stupidity by Republican House members is consistent with, and presumably a reflection of, the ridiculous recent claim by the so called president that the impeachment of him is a “lynching,” a term that reflects Trump’s gross ignorance of our nation’s history and his complete lack of respect for African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans, or people who actually suffered lynching.

A lynching, a real lynching, is a classic example of mob rule — a group of people abandoning all formal laws to impose their will immediately and forcibly onto an individual or group.

That is, if any lynchings are taking place in Washington, D.C. just now, it is the Republicans who are doing the lynching when they disrupt a deposition by a House Committee that is acting well within its designated authority to pursue a function that the Constitution expressly assigns to the body.

Mob rule = lynching.

It gets tiring having to repeat the same points ad nauseam, but such is the stupidity and intransigence of Republicans that they persist in whining about the procedures the Democrats are using for their impeachment inquiry even though, to reiterate, the Constitution assigns to the House “the sole power of impeachment,” and the Supreme Court has refused to review the procedures the Senate used for an impeachment trial involving a federal judge because the Constitution assigns to the Senate “the sole power to try all impeachments.” In good “conservative” fashion, the Court looked at the plain language of the Constitution and relied on the most likely meaning of “sole” as the Founders would have understood it, which is pretty much exactly as we would understand it, and followed through the reasoning the Founders used, both by reference to their own writings on the topic and the principles of logic — always anathema to “conservatives” — and concluded that, when the Founders granted to the Legislative branch “sole” control over impeachment, they intended for the Judicial branch to stay out of it.

Thus, logically — see above — they also intended for the Executive branch to stay out of it, at least in terms of dictating procedure. Officials in both the Judicial and Executive branches are susceptible to impeachment, of course, up to and explicitly including the president.

The invaders of the deposition were themselves members of the House and thus might have some say over procedure on those grounds, but the House operates on simple majority rule, unlike the Senate, and the Republicans are the minority of House members at the moment, so they do not get to dictate procedure. Long standing custom in the House, which should matter to “conservatives,” has it that the majority Party gets to decide who will serve as chairs of committees in the House, and those chairs then have significant control over what the committees do.

“Conservatives” in the United States had no objection to the power of House committee chairs when it served to forestall enactment of major legislation to help enforce the civil rights of African Americans and other minority groups. They are, then, genuinely conservative in the sense that they like long standing customs that serve to perpetuate oppression and discrimination.

Any custom that threatens to truncate the misrule of the spoiled, billionaire, white child they have installed as president, however, is right out and deserves disruption by a mob, even if it is the exact same custom they approved of fifty-five years ago.

But mob rule is popular with our modern Republicans, good “conservatives” that they are, precisely because it is an excellent vehicle for fits of irrationality.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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