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Alabama, state of misogyny

Seems like a pretty easy choice: adopt policies that express hatred for women, or promote education. Huh.

The state of Alabama recently passed a highly restrictive statute to prohibit nearly all abortions. Even some prominent opponents of abortion rights said they thought this statute was too extreme.

One prominent critic of the law is Hugh Culverhouse, Jr., who had agreed to donate $26.5 million to the University of Alabama, which named its law school for him.

In response to the new abortion law, Mr. Culverhouse called on students to boycott the University. He and the University’s administration are now in a public fight over their decision to return the money he had donated to date and to remove his name from the law school.

He says the University is trying to retaliate against him for his position on the abortion statute. The University claims that he tried to interfere in the administration of the University and demanded return of his money, which he denies.

He stated that he did not want his family’s name associated with an institution that advocated a law that “discriminates against women, disregards federal law, and violates our constitution.”

Everyone will have to choose which side they believe. What appears to be a very sudden decision following quickly Mr. Culverhouse’s vocal criticism of state policy looks like it must have come in response to his statement.

Taking a long step back: that the statute itself reflects obvious hostility towards women, it makes sense that other officials in the state would also react with hostility towards any man who chose to speak up for the rights of women.

Alabama chooses misogyny over education.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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