Meditation is Fatal to Prejudice

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The Buddha

“Prejudice” is an interesting word. In the modern United States, we tend to associate it with invidious discrimination, like racism, and thus deplore it. The German philosopher Hans Georg Gadamer, in his book, Truth and Method, uses “prejudice” to denote the various intellectual and emotional commitments we carry in our heads that help us make sense of the world.

Again, no human ever perceives anything directly. Sensory data comes in through the various sense organs and our brains then interpret and organize that data into a coherent whole. Every perception is an interpretation. Gadamer uses “prejudice” as his term for the substantive parts of the interpretation process.

Or, humans only come close to direct perception once they awaken fully. Consciousness is primordially pure and unadulterated, and capable of perception without prejudice, in either sense. So, the more you abide in consciousness, instead of monkey mind, the closer you come to perceiving without prejudice.

The way to abide in consciousness is to meditate, so meditation will eliminate your prejudices of all kinds.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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