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Mealy Mouthed Morons

Oh, lawd. The Newsweek headline reads, “Mixed Messaging Persists as Democrats Can’t Decide Whether They’re Conducing an Impeachment Inquiry.”

Um, this is not difficult. They should be conducting an impeachment inquiry. They should have started one on January 1, 2019. That’s what many of the voters in the much vaunted “blue wave” that returned these jokers to “leadership” positions wanted, except that they refuse to lead.

Steny Hoyer, a member of the House “leadership,” showing the republic how not to lead, replied to a reporter’s question that the House is not conducting an impeachment investigation because, for that to be the case, the Judiciary Committee would have to be considering an impeachment resolution.


Hint: in Watergate, the Senate, which lacks the power to impeach anyone, started an investigation that produced very important information leading to Nixon’s resignation, without all of this pearl clutching. Use that as your model.

Hoyer’s position is doubly dumb. First, the inquiry should precede the resolution. The resolution should grow out of the inquiry. Second, the Constitution grants to the House of Representatives “the sole power of impeachment.” No one else gets to decide how they do it. The Supreme Court has officially refused to review the choice of the Senate in how to conduct an impeachment trial on the grounds that the Constitution grants to the Senate “the sole power to try all impeachments.” It is possible to conduct an investigation in a way that violates people’s rights, but the president has plenty of lawyers and can defend himself in court. Not a big concern.

Is is still the case that the Senate is highly unlikely to vote to remove Trump? Yes.

But we still do not know what an impeachment investigation would produce. Nixon only decided to resign when prosecution of Watergate burglars forced release of hugely damaging information.

It’s long past time for the House “leadership” to put on their Jaworski undies and actively pursue impeachment.

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