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Badly dressed Kellyanne

We’ve known since the 2016 election that Kellyanne Conway is a devout Trump toady and thus will tell any lie she has to tell to prop up the least competent president in the history of the republic.

Conway coined the notorious term, “alternative facts”:

Now she is schlepping the claim that the Democrats have “no constitutional basis” to impeach Trump. This is obviously, categorically false. The Constitution, to repeat ad nauseam, grants to the House of Representatives “the sole power of impeachment.”

Neither the president, nor anyone who works for him, has any authority to dictate to the House of Representatives on this matter. In 1993, a unanimous Supreme Court refused even to decide a claim involving the procedure the Senate used in trying an impeachment because the Constitution grants to the Senate “the sole power to try all impeachments.”

It is possible to conduct an investigation in a way that violates an individual’s rights, but it is very difficult to imagine how the House could violate the rights of the president with its impeachment investigation. They have not done so. Trump has plenty of lawyers to defend his rights if anyone does try to infringe them.

With her latest ridiculous claim, Conway repeats the ridiculous claim, by fellow Trump toady Allen Dershowitz, that invoking the 25th Amendment to relieve Trump of the powers and duties of the office would violate the Constitution. That was rank insanity. No, invoking a constitutional Amendment cannot violate the Constitution, by definition, and neither Conway nor anyone else who works in the executive branch of government has any authority to dictate the conduct of impeachments to the House of Representatives, again, by definition.

Donald Trump does not understand what a constitution is, why anyone would create one, or what our Constitution actually says. He has made that clear repeatedly.

We should not find surprising that Kellyanne does not know any more about the subject than does Trump.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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