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Sally Yates, late of the Department of Justice

The leadership of the House of Representatives should listen to the prosecutors who say they should impeach Trump.

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) served in the Judge Advocate General Corps in the Air Force. He has experience as an attorney. He is a member of the House Judiciary Committee. He has stated that Congress has a much broader mandate than did Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who held his brief from the Justice Department and made no effort to expand the scope of his investigation.

He has described steps his committee has already made to pursue its own investigation into crimes by President Trump, including acts “in plain sight” that look like obstruction of justice, such as his firing of James Comey, and other, still secret, actions that might also constitute crimes. He says that this investigation may lead to impeachment.

Sally Yates, a career employee at the Department of Justice until her integrity made Donald Trump mad and he fired her, has stated flatly that she has prosecuted cases of obstruction of justice cases on less evidence than the Mueller report contains and she thinks Trump would already be under indictment were he not president.

She was answering the questions others put to her and does not address the point, but indicting the president as president is entirely irrelevant. Removal through impeachment is an entirely separate process, as is clear from the point that the Constitution gives to Congress the “sole power” to impeach and to remove officials for criminal conduct, and explicitly leaves any official who suffers removal through impeachment subject to prosecution afterward for whatever crimes led to the removal through impeachment.

Mueller, in stating that he could not exonerate Trump, also said that Congress has its own power and responsibility in the matter, separate from his.

It is past time for the House leadership to step up and declare that the Judiciary Committee is pursuing an impeachment investigation.

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