Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler

Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler should call a press conference for the sole purpose of announcing, loud and proud, that the House Judiciary Committee has started an impeachment investigation of Donald Trump.

Doing so would capture the attention of the public. The public was rapt with the Nixon impeachment investigation for months. They were rapt with the Clinton impeachment. They could tell that Nixon had committed serious crimes and needed to leave. They could tell that, however tawdry and inappropriate Clinton’s behavior may have been, impeaching him was an act of naked partisanship, such that his approval only increased during the event.

House Democrats insult the intelligence of the public by apparently assuming they cannot differentiate and will not see that Trump has committed numerous serious crimes and needs to leave. Explaining this point to the public is their job.

Pelosi has already been on a full court press to broadcast the many bills the Democrats have passed that will not get a vote in the Senate, thanks to Moscow Mitch. She could as easily explain why they need to impeach Trump.

Nearly every leading Democratic presidential candidate has called for impeachment. The people who expect to run against Trump want impeachment.

By refusing to comply with any subpoena from the House of Representatives, Trump has created multiple legal disputes, any of which may end up before the Supreme Court. The decision that Nixon had to comply with a valid subpoena should be sufficient legally to dispose of the Trump case. The later decision that the courts have almost zero role in impeachments would make it even harder for the Court to allow Trump to continue to defy subpoenas from the House, if the House is explicitly pursuing an impeachment.

Multiple highly credible observers have said that the Mueller Report reads as an indictment in all but name. Mueller himself said that the reason he did not indict the president was that the rules forbade him to do so. The clear implication is that he would have done so absent the rule. Indicting the President is pointless. If he deserves indictment, he deserves impeachment.

Throw in the issues in the case against him for violating the emoluments clause. An explicit reason for impeachment is bribery. The foreign emoluments clause is, at base, a prohibition on accepting bribes from foreign governments, which those governments clearly see using the Trump hotel in Washington, DC as.

Get creative. Even without the evidence the House has demanded via subpoena, there are ways to prove multiple cases against Trump. He has committed multiple crimes, many of which we do not yet know about.

Impeachment is the right course, morally, legally, and politically.

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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