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The Buddha

And neither do you.

If we had a clue, we would not be here.

The Buddha said that the constitutive feature of human existence is ignorance, which he discovered when he awakened fully.

It is our ignorance of our enlightened nature that keeps us on the wheel of samsara, undergoing repeated deaths and rebirths. By awakening to this fact, the Buddha achieved the deathless.

We cultivate compassion for ourselves and for everyone as we meditate so the realization of how clueless we really are won’t come too hard for us.

You are responsible for your clueless plight, but you are not really to blame for it, or blame is not a useful concept in this discussion.

In Buddhism, you always have the chance to start over and do better.

Just start on the path by meditating, and continue on the path the same way. It’s very simple.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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