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The Buddha

Literally. Most people would likely see this as a problem, but it’s a great thing for a Buddhist.

For some time now, I have moments when I want to think a specific thought or call something to mind and find that I literally cannot think the thought. It feels as if there is a barrier around the thought preventing my mind from getting to it.

I know a man who was in a mildly serious bike accident and suffered a head injury that was severe enough to put him into the hospital, where his personality was altered for some time. After the event, he seemed totally normal, so he is apparently fully recovered.

But he says he can tell that something is now missing from his mind. He talked to his doctor about it, who said that most people find it upsetting when that happens, but it’s a great thing for a Buddhist. One fewer mental formation to let go of.

For me, I feel as if Buddha mind is trying to restrain me. Most of our ordinary daily thoughts are useless at best, just junk that serves only to reinforce our sense of our individual identity that is the problem, not the solution.

Invested as I am normally in my brain function, I am quite happy to be unable to think certain thoughts. It’s actually fascinating to be able to perceive my mind functioning as it is happening.

Stop thinking.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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