Have Republicans Thought This Through?

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Donald Trump

At the moment, there is little indication that many Republicans are giving up on their knee jerk loyalty to their standard bearer, Donald Trump. A few isolated Republicans have pointed out that this emperor has no clothes, but they are few, far between, and lacking influence.

The always sycophantic Jim Jordan, who has a long, incoherent history of taking up for Trump, has tried to play a mediating role between the House Oversight Committee and Trump in the matter of getting Carl Kline, who used to run the office that approves security clearances, to testify before the Committee. He arranged for testimony that is more limited than what the Democrats on the Committee wanted and this was mostly just a political stunt by Jordan, who is fond of meaningless gestures, but it is a moment of at least partial agreement between the Committee and the administration.

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, meanwhile, continues to refuse to deliver copies of Trump’s tax returns, which the House Ways and Means Committee has demanded.

Admittedly, looking at him as a whole, he is not hugely credible, but he did give very compelling testimony on this issue. Michael Cohen warned Republicans about what a bad idea it is to remain loyal to Donald Trump:

Trump has no power to fire members of Congress, but anyone who works for him should look carefully at the long list of people who have quit or had Trump dismiss them since he took office in January 2017. It is a long, sorry tale of meanness and gross ineptitude.

In characteristically puerile fashion, Trump even makes fun of some of the people who have left his administration:

Serious people find this hugely embarrassing and unbecoming to the president of the United States. “Conservatives” lap it up.

People who worked for Trump are also having an unusually hard time finding jobs after leaving the administration. Working for the White House has historically been a veritable golden ticket to a plumb position after leaving, but not for Trump alumni. And that for the people who have not ended up in prison or undergoing prosecution, such as Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone.

All of which pales in comparison to the huge harm Trump has already caused to our institutions and standards of political conduct, which his good “conservative” loyalists apparently care not about, in an indication of how degraded and meaningless is the “conservatism” of its avatars in the United States.

As is often the case when one looks at the actions of Republicans, one has to wonder if they are incredibly stupid, or if they really believe the things they say. It is very hard to see how continuing to defend Trump at this point is a reasoned or intelligent choice.

Did they really think about it?

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