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Robert Mueller

A significant number of members of Congress admit that they have not read Robert Mueller’s famous report.

This raises the question: has Nancy read it?

It’s not that hard. He came as close as a former Marine and director of the FBI, very rule bound lawyer who got his appointment from a entity that forbade him from indicting the president is going to come to saying loudly that the House of Representatives should impeach Trump.

Here is a more detailed explanation.

Meanwhile, Nancy just keeps making profoundly stupid statements. She recently said trump is “almost self-impeaching,” which is idiotic in the extreme. It is not possible for him to impeach himself, in the operative sense.

Meanwhile, the latest scandal to erupt in the scandal ridden Trump administration is the revelation that Alex Acosta, Secretary of Labor, who replaced the previous Secretary of Labor, who resigned amid a scandal, in his previous job as U.S. Attorney in southern Florida gave a very lenient, illegal deal to alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein after multiple girls accused him of raping them.

Here’s what Nancy has to say about that:

Nancy’s terribly important work “for the good of the American people” is passing bills that she knows, we all know, will not even come up for a vote in the Senate with Mitch McConnell as majority leader, such is McConnell’s commitment to partisanship above all else.

Whether impeaching Acosta is worth the trouble or not is very much an open question. The more efficient way to handle the situation is to impeach his boss, Donald Trump.

The Senate likely will not vote to remove Trump at the moment, but we do not yet know what effect pursuing an impeachment investigation would have. We do not know because Nancy inexplicably refuses to declare one.

This is idiotic. Nancy is an embarrassment.

She should impeach or resign.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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