We already knew that Donald Trump and anyone who works for him exhibits a complete failure to understand the principles that our Constitution articulates, but also the reason to have a constitution at all.

The purpose the Founders had in writing and advocating ratification of our Constitution was to create a government that was significantly more powerful than its predecessor, but not too powerful. By definition, a government that rests on a constitution is a limited government, because the constitution defines what it may do, thereby suggesting things it may not do.

That is certainly the case with our Constitution, which grants a number of specific powers to our government, divided among three branches to prevent any individual or group from becoming too powerful, but also expressly prohibits our government from taking certain actions.

The memo above is from the Trump campaign for 2020, not from Trump as president, so it lacks the official backing of the government in that sense, but especially with Trump, it makes more sense to assume that he will decide to abuse his power as president if he sees fit than to assume he will not do so.

The memo is a deliberate, ham fisted attempt by the trump campaign to shape news coverage of the president to be more favorable and to reduce attention to the widely reported problem of collaboration between the 2016 Trump campaign and various Russian officials, which Trump has loudly and unconvincingly denied since his debates with Hillary Clinton.

The issue tends to bring out Trump’s most childish, embarrassing conduct.

Again, the Trump campaign has no formal authority, but it represents Trump, who has no concept of boundaries or the appropriate limits of the powers of the presidency. He often sounds as if he thinks he is a king, who may do whatever he wants. The president of the United States is specifically not a king. The people who wrote the Constitution had been involved, in various ways, in fighting a long war to remove themselves from the authority of a kind and they did not want another one. Again, that’s why they wrote our Constitution — in part to limit the powers of the central government.

Any attempt by any government agent to ensure achievement of the purpose of this memo with any punitive action towards any of the networks that received the memo would plainly violate the Constitution.

Just more Trump bad behavior.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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