Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi

Now is the perfect time to start impeaching Donald Trump.

The Atlantic is out with an unusually acute piece by Peter Nicholas that starts out quoting Trump golfing buddy and Republican windmill Lindsey Graham to the effect that Trump has said to Graham that he is “really pissed” about impeachment, which is characteristically stupid. The House has any number of good reasons to impeach him, but he remains entirely clueless.

The article goes on to state that, while Trump is apparently obsessed with impeachment, his staff is entirely unprepared for it and would rather Trump focused on his reelection bid.

That’s exactly why impeachment should start now. Nicholas notes that Pelosi has resisted impeachment to this point, but that the so called president’s staff thinks the Democratic base will eventually “force” her to do it.

Let’s get to forcing.

Nicholas notes that impeachment would knock Trump off of his election campaign message, the (tepid) economy. Since Democrats uniformly want Trump gone, and one excuse for not impeaching was the always absurd claim that doing it would hurt Democrats politically (so the blue wave in 2018 was not about getting rid of Trump? Please), here is specific evidence that impeachment would interfere with his reelection bid. Do it.

Nicholas also points out that the House could range over a much wider field of Trump’s past bad behavior. This is already happening, with House members Maxine Waters (CA) and Elijiah Cummings (NY) seeking documents from non governmental sources about Trump’s business operations.

More importantly, Trump continues to obstruct justice daily and has recently stated on national television that he would accept help from foreign actors for his reelection bid if they offer, which amounts to suborning the offense. With Republicans refusing to take steps to combat foreign interference in our election generally, one effective response is to publicize it via the highly effective mechanism of impeachment hearings. It is not unreasonable to say that announcing the intention to cheat in the next election itself justifies impeachment.

The objection still comes that the Senate will not vote to remove him. Irrelevant. We did just see some signs of resistance to Trump in the Senate, although not enough to remove him. But we will never know what effect impeachment hearings in the House will have on the opinions of Senators until the hearings are underway.

Impeach him now.

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