The Buddha

You have it in your head. You have enlightened mind, or Buddha mind. You just need to quiet the usual cacophony of irrelevant thoughts running around in your head, then go find it.

The best way, the only way I know, to quiet the cacophony, is to meditate. Once your head is quiet enough, the jhana practices are very helpful.

But a map of sorts also helps. We have talked about consciousness, how everything happens in consciousness. If you are reading this, you are conscious. Your consciousness is just like my consciousness. It is the platform from which you may observe your monkey mind, the stream of mostly useless thought that you want to quiet.

You want to bring your Buddha mind into this consciousness and abide in that Buddha mind. Use it as your default instead of monkey mind.

Consciousness is like space in being a component of the universe that we cannot see, but is obviously present, also like gravity. We cannot see gravity, but we can see its effects and any child can understand that solid objects will fall to the ground. It is mostly a matter of having it pointed out. We like to say that Newton “discovered” gravity, but all he did was to give it a name.

In a similar vein, we might say that the Buddha “discovered” Buddha mind, but that makes no more sense than to say that Newton “discovered” gravity. The Buddha pointed out Buddha mind and gave it a name. It has always been present, if less obviously so than space or gravity, but far more important.

So, notice that you are in space, always. Notice that you are conscious, except when you are asleep, or in a coma (we hope not). From there, notice that you have Buddha mind.

It really is that simple. Buddha mind is the place to be. Peaceful, beautiful, calm, quiet, yet joyful, ecstatic at the same time. You’ll be glad you found it.

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