Fake Yourself Out

William B. Turner
2 min readJan 19, 2023
The Buddha

The combination of the Buddha’s teaching that we are already awake, or enlightened, or whatever you want to call it, we just don’t realize it, with the observation that realizations are about getting a new perspective on existing information rather than adding new information really does, or can, lead to the conclusion that you just need to fake yourself out.

Or persuade yourself, if you prefer.

Rhat you are already awake. If you think you are not, that thought is just another thought, and part of the problem is that our thoughts are often not very accurate reflections of the world we live in.

Ajahn Sumedho says that he doubts most people would believe him if he told them that they are already perfect.

The problem really is all in your head.

A consistent meditation practice does help with this problem. Far enough along the path, your practice will present you with moments when you can see through the veil you usually impose on yourself, until you manage to drop it entirely.

So keep up your meditation practice until you fake yourself out completely.

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