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ICE Agent at work

We all need to know a real warrant from a fake warrant.

Allegedly, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will conduct raids in nine cities starting on Sunday, or so news reports tell us. We went through this three weeks ago. On June 23, the White House announced that it was postponing an earlier ICE blitzkrieg, supposedly because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi persuaded the so called president to order the postponement.

This is a really rancid way to enforce federal law, which is what the so called president claims to be doing, and technically he is. The idea of Trump enforcing any law at all is laughable, or it would be except that none of this is at all funny.

It is important for everyone, but especially persons who may be subject to arrest by ICE, to understand that every person in the United States has rights, and that all law enforcement officers have the responsibility to follow the law and to respect our rights.

Unfortunately, the zeal to arrest people too often gets the better of some law enforcement officers. One key point that is very important is knowing the documents involved. ICE agents like to pretend that warrants from the Department of Homeland Security are legally equivalent to a real warrant that a judge has signed.

We have a recent example on video of a man calling an ICE agent out for lying about this and protecting two immigrants in his car in the process:

Agents will usually give up if you assert your rights. Remain calm. Do not open the door or let any agents into any property or enclosed space — like the car in the video above — that you control, especially if they only have an order from the Department of Homeland Security, not a warrant from a court with the signature of a judge.

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Fake warrant, real warrant

Notice above that the fake warrant on the left has “Department of Homeland Security” in the heading. The real warrant reads, “United States District Court.” The fake warrant has the signature of an immigration officer. The real warrant has the signature of a judge.

Demand to see any warrant they claim to have, and ignore any fake warrant from the Department of Homeland Security.

Rights work on government. They prevent certain actions against anyone. Who the individual(s) is does not matter. The rights of undocumented immigrants are the rights of citizens. That is not an important distinction.

Know your rights. Slow ICE down.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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