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To crazy “conservatives.” In “conservative” land expertise is a liability, and Marky boy agrees.

Opponents of abortion rights, never reliable sources of information about anything because they are mostly good Christians who lie for Jesus, posted a video claiming that abortion is never medically necessary. A group of three doctors, you know, people who actually study health problems and try to correct them, replied that inducing delivery in the presence of certain diseases that threaten the life of the mother is not possible if the fetus is not yet developed well enough to survive outside the womb.

This is a well established issue. “Viability” is the point past which states can impose some restrictions on abortion.

Facebook restricted the reach of the group opposing abortion rights because they frequently post false information — you know, that kind that is not consistent with most people’s perceptions of how the world works, especially experts in the field.

Along come a bevvy of Republican Senators, likely also good Christians who lie for Jesus, who whined to Zuckebaby that Facebook was engaging in “censorship” of “conservative” perspectives.

For some reason, Zuckerbaby kow towed to the Republicans. They took the rebuttal of the false claims by opponents of abortion rights down and asked a third party to review the fact check of the Christian liars.

Two of the doctors in question have affiliations with organizations that promote accurate health information and defend abortion rights, leading the good, Christian Senators to “cite[] these affiliations to complain to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that his social network was behind the ‘censorship’ of conservatives and suggested that doctors who ‘perform abortions’ are not qualified to discuss abortion.”


So, according to good Christians, people who actually perform abortions are not qualified to discuss the issue. “Conservative” logic. This is the central problem with “conservatives” in general in the United States. They start with the political position they want to take, then evaluate all claims solely from that perspective.

Politics drives what constitutes an accurate claim about the world. This is how Trump operates. Claims are true if he wants them to be when he utters them, no matter how clearly false the claim is according to all available evidence.

I guess we’re just lucky that advocates of the claim that the earth is flat have not lobbied Republicans enough to get the Party to adopt that position. Then they would object if Facebook fact checks flat earth claims and asserts that the planet is really round.

They already do this with evolution, whining about having it taught in public schools when some Christians hear at home that it is not correct.

We have no official religion in the United States, so no public school system has any obligation to comport its curriculum with the beliefs of Christians or anyone else.

Allowing political hacks to dictate what does or does not count as accurate information about the world is the problem, not the solution.

Facebook is not helping.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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