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The Buddha

Facebook is fascinating from a Buddhist perspective.

It’s very useful in various ways. People use it to find old friends.

Lots of Buddhist individuals and organizations use Facebook to disseminate the teachings of Buddhism.

But a lot of people clearly use Facebook to perpetuate their images of themselves. Facebook definitely does not help with realizing not self.

It might make more sense to call it Facadebook. Helping people hang onto their facades is not a good thing, but there is no way to stop Facebook and the real problem is the human ignorance of or resistance to realizing not self.

A fully awakened person could easily use Facebook all day long without clinging to the self they have already dispensed with.

It is very easy to blame Facebook for problems that are really just features of the human condition. If everyone were fully awakened, Facebook would get a lot more boring, but it could still exist.

So enjoy Facadebook, but keep meditating and working on not self.

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