Earth to Pelosi! Earth to Pelosi!

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi recently held a press conference with Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, to discuss impeaching Trump. That was all to the good.

The huge problem with her statements during that event are that they indicate, bizarrely, that Pelosi still seems to want to pretend that anything about the situation is at all normal or functional.

It’s not.

It cannot be while Trump continues to play at being president. One story described her as being concerned about the Democrats’ legislative agenda.

Huh? You’re joking?

She is well aware that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a steadfast ally of Trump’s, has consistently refused even to bring up for a vote any of the raft of bills the House has passed since January. Pelosi can tap her heels together and wish all she wants. The Republicans will not pass any bills from the House as long as they think it serves their political interest — the only factor they consider — to continue on their present course.

Pelosi also said that she does not see impeachment as unifying the country, which she is undoubtedly right about, but why would any thinking person want to unify with people who still support Trump? He has created huge division in the country himself and he only exacerbates that division every day he is in office. Passing bills in the House that the Senate majority leader will hold no vote on is divisive. The only way to eliminate division entirely would be for the Democrats to pack up and go home. Every goal the Democrats should fight for — African American, women’s, LGBT equality, reproductive rights, election reform — is divisive because “conservatives” do not like any of them. Who cares? They are worth fighting for.

Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats need to get through their heads that the Republicans are bloody minded partisans who care only for keeping themselves in power, using whatever desperate measures they can think up, no matter how underhanded and perfidious. None of the tactics that worked for Pelosi as Speaker of the House in the past are going to work now.

Trump has zero understanding of law or legal procedures. He knows nothing about what a constitution is, why anyone would want to have one, or what our Constitution says. Not only does he refuse to play by the rules, he refuses even to acknowledge that rules exist in the world.

Whether Pelosi likes it or not, this is a fight, and she has to fight back, and fight back hard.

That, or step aside and let someone else take over.

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