Don’t Let Republicans off the Hook

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Oh, my. Your favorite boring, crazy uncle, George Will, is on his hind legs calling for the expulsion of Republicans who abet Trump’s trashing of the Constitution. This is rank nonsense on its face. He smoked too much meth. Typical “conservative” fantasy.

Um, whoops. Will petulantly left the Republican Party, announcing this momentous (!) decision in June 2016, once it was clear that Trump would be the Republican Party nominee for president that year.

No one listens to anything Will says. He’s irrelevant. There is a common tendency, however, to celebrate other Republicans who prominently criticize Trump.


They are all complicit. Trump is a model Republican. Only Will’s “conservative” self delusion prevents him from recognizing this important point. Since Richard Nixon, Republican presidents have been varying combinations of corrupt and incompetent, with Nixon being very competent but very corrupt, while Reagan was highly incompetent and highly corrupt, and George W. Bush was profoundly incompetent. The 20th century as a whole was not great for Republican presidents. Only Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower did the job very well. Herbert Hoover was better than he gets credit for, but he had the bad fortune to preside over the beginning of the Great Depression.

Anyone who has identified as a Republican since 1968 helped create the mess that got Trump into the presidency in 2016. They all bear some measure of the blame and we should all listen to them with a large dose of skepticism.

They do not deserve our credence at all.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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