Dems’ Refusal to Impeach is Maddening and Stupid

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Michael Cohen, Indicted Co-conspirator

Stop asking why no one indicted Trump for his role in covering up the payments to Stormy Daniels. Ask why the House has not impeached him.

The recent release of a tranche of documents from the prosecution of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former fixer who pleaded guilty several months ago to crimes he committed as part of covering up Trump’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, has only made the refusal of Democrats to impeach Trump look ever more stupid. They are embarrassing themselves.

The evidence strongly suggests that Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator with Cohen, equally guilty of whatever crime Cohen is now in prison for.

That’s what impeachment is for.

Representative Elijah Cummings is doing his best. As Chair of the House Oversight Committee, he sent a letter asking about the decision not to prosecute Trump for the crimes they prosecuted Cohen for. He wrote directly to the office of the Southern District of New York, the U.S. attorneys who prosecuted Cohen, because he knows he cannot trust any information he gets from William Barr, Trump’s Attorney Specific and appointed obstructor of justice.

The refusal to impeach Trump is causing confusion among people who are paying attention:

The answer to this question is that, if evidence exists implicating the president in a crime, as, say, Richard Nixon’s Oval Office recordings, the correct response is for the House of Representatives to impeach him, or her.

Some say that the Constitution prohibits indicting a sitting president. This is nonsense. But the Constitution does render indicting a sitting president irrelevant because any crime a sitting president committed should trigger impeachment.

The Constitution expressly provides that any official who suffers removal via impeachment remains susceptible to prosecution for the crime that prompted the impeachment after he, or she, leaves office. The Constitution, that is, regards indictment and prosecution as subsidiary to impeachment for federal officials who commit crimes. It gives the House of Representatives “the sole power of impeachment.”

The Democrats are being flaming idiots about this. They should hang their heads in shame. The judge in the Cohen case just handed them a slam dunk case for impeaching the president. They need to explain this situation to the public. It’s not hard. People are already asking. Democrats only sow confusion when they could easily provide clarity.

It is long past time to impeach.

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