Dems Accept Racist President

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Democratic House Leadership

As anyone who is paying attention well knows now, during a recent rally, so called president, Donald Trump, mentioned Ilhan Omar, a Democrat in her first term as a member of the House of Representatives, one of four Democratic women he had spent a week attacking, telling them to “go back” to their home countries. Trump offered an extended attack on Omar that ended with the crowd shouting “send her back.”

With every thinking person (meaning not Republicans) condemning the whole show as obviously and irremediably racist, even Trump himself is implicitly admitting his action was a mistake by now trying to disavow the obvious racism. No one is much convinced.

Democrats, ever wimps, made a seemingly brave show by adopting a resolution condemning the attacks of the so called president as “racist.” Bravo.

They then almost immediately voted down a second resolution to impeach the so called president by a large margin.

There is no reason to think that they want to send this message, but the point remains, by not impeaching the so called president, even when they cannot expect the Senate to vote to remove him, effectively sends the message that they are comfortable having an openly racist president.

This is a very bad message for the Democrats to send.

We know from 2008 and 2012 that the Democratic candidate wins when African Americans are enthusiastic about him, or her.

At the moment, a vote to impeach the so called president would be a symbolic gesture. It is unlikely to have the effect of removing him, although we do not know because stupid, wimpy Democrats will not try. We do not yet know what information an impeachment investigation would reveal. Just recently, we learned much more about the notorious payment to Stormy Daniels to conceal her affair with Trump when documents from the case became public.

There is much about the so called president’s illegal conduct that we do not yet know.

Just as power concedes nothing without a demand, Trump and his toadies will reveal nothing until and unless someone forces them to do so. Trump and his toadies might well defy an order from the Supreme Court, which would definitely put Republicans in a serious bind — should they stick with their president, or the Constitution? Democrats should be eager to put them into that position. Make them choose.

With various disputes between the House and Trump in the courts, the issue may well arise soon regardless, but the claim of the House to have a free hand to investigate without much interference from the courts becomes much stronger when they are operating under the auspices of an impeachment investigation.

They could keep doing exactly what they are doing now, just calling it an “impeachment.”

Not to do so is profoundly stupid.

Democrats are condoning a racist president. Doing so is profoundly stupid.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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