Deep Faith is a Major Problem

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Jesus Loves Trump

When word emerged last week that Attorney General William Barr had played a key role in the decision not to reveal the whistleblower complaint about President Trump’s illegal conduct during the notorious phone call with the president of Ukraine, nearly every major news outlet ran a story about Nancy Pelosi saying Barr had “gone rogue.”

This is rank nonsense.

We should perhaps not be surprised that a person who has spent as much of her life serving in Congress as Pelosi has would be so adamant about not seeing the reality staring her in the face, but the public as a whole really needs to give up on the ridiculous belief that anything at all about the Trump administration is at all normal or legitimate.

To say that Barr had “gone rogue” is to suggest that, in his current role, he was somehow ever anything else.

But it was obvious from the moment Trump nominated him, if only because Trump nominated him, that he was devoid of integrity. No one with any integrity can agree to work for Trump at this point.

Several observers were charitable enough to give Barr the benefit of the doubt, but this is the problem. Too much of the pundit class and other people whose opinions make up most of the noise about politics in the United States right now pay entirely too much fealty to the idea that anything about the Trump administration was ever at all normal or legitimate. It wasn’t.

Yet, only now, after nearly three years of complete insanity and incompetence, are major news outlets, some, anyway, finally starting to speak up and remark the nudity of the emperor.

Recently, MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace interrupted Trump speaking at a press conference, saying, “We hate to do this, really, but the president isn’t telling the truth”(!).

Um, no shit. She goes on to say that “it’s amazing,” but Trump was trying to use fake allegations against Joe Biden and his son as a deflection from his own impeachment.

Why is that amazing? You’re joking? Where have you people been? Not doing your jobs, obviously. We’ve known since December 2017 that the New York Times ran as many stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails in six days as it did about actual policy issues in 69 days from September 1 2016 until the day of the election.

This is not just a problem with the major news outlets, although it is a huge problem there, with television networks selling their anchors’ personalities rather than the quality of their reporting. I don’t need to know about Anderson Cooper crying over his grief. I’m really sorry for him, but he’s a news caster. That’s not relevant. Report the news and keep your personal problems out of public discussion.

This is how we got the Kim Kardashian president, and he’s a disaster. Personalities don’t matter in national politics, or they should not. Who cares? Not every story needs to be human interest. We’re choosing a person who will have enormous power for good or, in Trump’s case, for ill. He is grossly unqualified for the job and only gained national fame because of a stupid TV show.

TV reporters need to point out how stupid he is. All reporters need to point that out, and call him on his lies. No national anchor should hate to cut off the president when he’s lying.

Lots of people express anger and frustration about the corruption of our politics, but they are not willing to follow the evidence to see the depth of the problem. We need to have some faith that we can fix the system, but we also need to know just how badly broken the system is.

Nancy has handled the impeachment question badly. She just got lucky that Trump finally took some action that she could no longer ignore before he declared a war that would have made impeachment politically impossible. She needs to wake up. The whole Democratic leadership needs to wake up. Trump is not going to get any better. Stop taking anyone who works for him at face value. Stop trying to think up lame explanations for how smart Pelosi is.

Barr did not “go rogue.” He was already rogue by agreeing to work for Trump. He knew Trump wanted someone to help cover up his crimes, and Barr willingly signed up for the task.

Barr is a slime ball. Trump is a slime ball.

Impeachment is the only solution. And blow up your boob tube.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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