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Creampuff Pelosi

Back in January, as Nancy Pelosi returned to the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives, the mainstream press invested some energy in trying to convince everyone how tough she is.

Famously, her own daughter stated that “she will cut your head off….”

This looks now like an absurd fantasy. We have the Mueller Report, which some legal authorities have described as “Demand[ing] an Impeachment Inquiry,” we have a president who continues to engage in obstruction of justice daily by refusing to comply with subpoenas from House committees and instructing his staff, current and former, to refuse to testify before those committee, and we have a crisis of horrific, unprecedented dimensions in the form of children suffering torture at the hands of the same president, which cannot alone be grounds for impeachment, but no matter because we have multiple other grounds.

But we have no impeachment.

Pelosi is a creampuff. We also have various mainstream news outlets trying to tell us that Pelosi has some grand strategy in mind, that she is waiting for public opinion to be ready before announcing an impeachment inquiry.

The fight between the House and Trump is already going to court. It will end up before the Supreme Court. There is no good legal argument for allowing Trump to defy subpoenas from Congress, but the legal position of the House will be even better if they are operating under the rubric of impeachment because the Constitution gives the House “the sole power of impeachment.”

Pelosi’s “strategy” is rank nonsense. The best way to deal with public opinion on this topic is to shape it by declaring an impeachment inquiry, which would focus public attention, then start to examine, in painstaking detail, exactly why impeachment is the only reasonable response to Trump’s multiple crimes.

Pelosi’s failure to respond effectively to Trump’s daily provocations makes her look not just weak, but increasingly pretty stupid. She is embarrassing herself. We need bold, effective leadership.

We’re not getting that from Nancy Pelosi.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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