“Conservatives” Are so Cute

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Especially when they’re being utterly clueless, which is all the time. Some poor “conservative” thought it would be a good idea to try to embarrass new member of the House of Representatives, and vocal Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by posting an old video of her, sit down, prepare for the shock: DANCING. Yes, as a youth, she allowed someone to capture video of her and friends dancing. Horrors. I hope you can recover soon. Glad you have your fainting couch handy.

We have known for forty years or more now that the United States is undergoing a gradual demographic transformation that will render the historically dominant “white” population, who stole the continent from Natives for their own use, imported Africans as slaves, initiated the American Revolution, and wrote and ratified the U.S. Constitution, minorities. Because this “white” population has historically treated the minorities who have always been here pretty badly, and because they have a bad habit of projecting their own worst impulses onto everyone else, they live in terror of becoming the minority themselves.

For various reasons, mostly that the Democratic Party became heavily identified in the 1960s with the effort to prohibit discrimination in nearly every area of life in the United States against the various populations of minorities, the Republican Party has become the political hidey hole of the terrified, dwindling, “white” majority.

Because she is a woman, because her parents are Puerto Rican, making her functionally a minority, because she has vocally allied herself with a minority political philosophy that the “white”majority finds horribly threatening for unknown reasons, Representative Ocasio-Cortez terrifies the “white” dwindling majority and its representatives in Congress, who have proven barely able to conceal their terror at her presence among them. From soon after the election, they have sniped at her for any foolish reason they can think of, the recent dancing video being only the most recent example.

Being terrified, good “conservatives,” the dwindling, “white” majority has proven so far incapable, and will likely continue to prove incapable, of stopping to take intelligent account of what the overwhelming Democratic victory in 2018 bodes for the future. They will comfort themselves with the thought that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both suffered major setbacks in their first midterm elections, yet went on to win election to second terms.

What the dwindling, “white” majority cannot recognize or admit is that their current champion, Donald Trump, is the perfect avatar for their group — a vain, narcissistic blowhard who has not an idea in his head, but who acts solely on the basis of what he perceives to be his own immediate benefit. This worked well enough to get him elected — with the help of an arcane provision in our ancient, elitist Constitution — and that, when women ally with the already nearly majority minorities in the United States, we have more than enough votes to ensure that Trump will not win again.

While the impending demographic change has been obvious for several decades now, still it has not been possible to predict the details of how the demise of the old, white guys would play out. It looks as if we are starting to see it before our very eyes. Representative Ocasio-Cortez is only the most recent, obvious manifestation, coming as she does during the last gasp, backlash presidency of the oldest, whitest guy who is trying to tear down the presidency of his immediate predecessor, our first black president and to shore up, however briefly, the old, white guy hegemony. The stupid attempts to shame Representative Ocasio-Cortez for being who she is are just the comical death rattles of the old, white guy hegemony.

And, especially insofar as “conservatives” continue to use tactics like trying to shame Ocasio-Cortez for dancing, they will only hasten their own, well deserved, demise.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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