“Conservatives” Are At It Again

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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

Representative Ilhan Omar deserves no opprobrium for her comments about the September 11 attacks. You’re thinking of George W. Bush, the incompetent Republican President who allowed the attacks to occur by failing to respond appropriately to highly specific warnings about them.

It is a testament to how badly debased is the “conservatism of “conservatives” in the United States that they so eagerly attack a woman. The woman they are attacking at the moment, Representative Ilhan Omar, is explicitly a Muslim, which makes her a favorite target of U.S. “conservatives,” most of whom are good Christians and thus are still fighting the crusades, 1000 years later. Such is “conservative” logic.

In good “conservative” fashion, they have taken a snippet of a speech out of its context and hyped it as dismissing the September 11 attacks. President Trump jumped onto the bandwagon and made the situation worse with inflammatory tweets that many people saw as incitements to violence against Muslims, which would be consistent with Trump’s past bad behavior.

But her broader point is entirely valid. It makes no sense to tar all Muslims with the brush of the September 11 attacks, especially not by “conservatives,” who are very quick to protest when anyone points our their lingering racism. “White supremacy” is more common among Republicans than any responsibility for the September 11 attacks is among Muslims.

Actually, we can pin most of the responsibility for the September 11 attacks on one man: George W. Bush. He was president at the time. The CIA knew to a certainty that Al Qaeda was planning major attacks. He and his national security team failed to act. Bush could have prevented the attacks. Any competent president would have. Bush was not a competent president in any sense, but, unsurprisingly, his greatest failures came in foreign policy.

Such is the perfidy and bloody-minded irresponsibility of “conservatives” in the United States that they are too busy attacking a political opponent for giving a speech to think clearly about what really happened on September 11 and why. Of course, they can never pass up the chance to pick on a Muslim. It’s grotesque, but it’s “conservatism,” U.S. style.

We are just lucky that no one has planned similar attacks under our current, even more incompetent, Republican president.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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