Clinging to Self Holds Us Back

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The Sun

Our problem is that we are always trying to become someone/something else. In Buddhist terms, we have a zeal for becoming. We won’t stop and realize that we are already enlightened.

Paradoxically, if we feel we are not making our way down the Buddhist path as quickly as we would like, that is likely because we are clinging to our sense of ourselves as selves. Awakening includes the realization that we were never separate selves to begin with. This is a fundamental misrecognition on our part, that we need to recognize as such and let go of. When you awaken fully, you see this mistake as the mistake that it is.

Clinging to self is really quite perverse and hugely amusing, once you start to see it. Despite all the very unfunny things we see going on among our fellow humans every day, from the universal perspective of awakening, it is all hysterical. You can’t help but laugh, at yourself and all the funny things humans do to ourselves.

So keep meditating until you stop clinging to your self and see the hilarity.

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