Not my word. Nicole Wallace used it on national television to describe the attacks on Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman. He committed the cardinal sin in the church of Trump by testifying squarely to having heard U.S. officials connect a request for a meeting between Trump and the president of Ukraine to pursuit of specific investigations by the Ukrainians, the smoking quid pro quo that altar boys in the church of Trump have repeatedly denied having occurred.

Might this particular moment in the larger events of the slow demise of Trump’s church turn out to be the key moment when the final collapse came? Col. Vindman is, by all accounts, a man of impressive accomplishments and considerable integrity. It would make great sense for a man of great integrity to play a key role in ending the horror that is the Trump presidency, since integrity is a quality that Trump entirely lacks and cannot recognize when he sees it.

Vindman is the son of immigrants who brought him to the United States when he was three years old. His father worked multiple jobs to support his family. Vindman described himself as a patriot who has a duty to protect the country without regard for party or politics.

Um, whoops. He is, in sum, the antithesis of a good Republican. As Wallace pointed out, he earned his position on the National Security Council, undergoing the extensive background checks that Trump children managed to avoid.

Vindman is, then, to borrow a term, unimpeachable. As Wallace illustrated in her segment, and which elicited her use of the term, “chickenshit,” his sterling character and history have not stopped Trump apologists from attacking him in scurrilous terms.

Even some fellow Republicans spoke to condemn the attacks on Vindman. Most noteworthy was Liz Cheney (R-WY), daughter of notorious war monger Dick Cheney, who spoke to defend Vindman’s character from the absurd attacks that “conservative” pundits have launched against him. Those Republicans still tried to avoid commenting on his testimony that Trump had clearly committed exactly the violation that had prompted the Democrats finally to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Of course, talking out of both sides of their mouths is standard for Republicans, so that part was nothing new. What is new is that Trump continues to erode the knee jerk support he has enjoyed from Republicans to this point.

By itself, Vindmans’ testimony will not bring about Trump’s removal from office, but it certainly helps.

The vicious attacks by Trump loyalists on the man for his honesty may prove even more useful in the long run in achieving the removal of Trump via impeachment.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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