But “The Left” is Violent, Again

Unsurprisingly, many people are riveted this morning by the news of multiple other suspicious packages having been delivered to prominent Democrats, now the Clintons and the Obamas, after the recent news of one arriving at famous liberal, Jewish, Holocaust survivor George Soros’ home yesterday.

Already, good “conservatives” are busy deploying the absurd zombie claim that this is all just a “false flag” to make Republicans look bad. They love to attribute their bad habits to everyone else.

We good liberals and progressives, or whatever we are — the rational opposition to Trump and all things Republican — are mostly intelligent, thoughtful people. As a result, we have a bad habit of thinking that pointing out Trump’s lies, fake news, alternative facts, etc., should be enough to stop them from having their effects.

But surely we have learned by now that Nazis and other good conservatives will happily repeat their lies over and over and over and over, and that their dim witted followers will believe them readily, and that there are enough of their dim witted followers abroad in the land to do serious harm, enough that, in conjunction with the Constitution our high minded Founders wrote, they can even install their man in the presidency, to our horror.

So we need to keep repeating our valid, accurate claims about what is happening in the world.

It is impossible to respond to ever lie our homegrown “conservatives” tell — no, the crowd at Trump’s inauguration was not the largest ever; no, Obama did not wiretap Trump’s office; no, most people will enjoy no benefit from the recent tax cut; no, Republicans do not want to preserve protections for persons with preexisting medical conditions — so we have to choose the big ones.

Arguably one of the biggest ones right now, a meta claim that they’re making in order to try to delegitimize all opposition to their nefarious agenda, is the claim that “the left” is violent. As is often the case with “conservative” lies, there is a hint of a silver lining in the cloud. At least with this lie, “conservatives” implicitly agree that violence as a political tool is a bad thing.

The lie comes in attributing a propensity for political violence to “the left.” They also lie by suggesting that there is anything one can meaningfully call “the left” in the United States, but that is relatively trivial.

There have been instances of political violence by persons and organizations that are “the left” in terms of modern, U.S. categories, at least notionally, but clearly political violence in the main has been the province of conservatives and conservatism from the crusades through the Nazis.

Regardless of who fired first at Fort Sumter, secession and Civil War in the United States only occurred because of agitation by large slave owners. Slavery was a running example of “conservative” political violence in “the Americas” and the United States for over two hundred years, instituted by agents of that most conservative of institutions, the Catholic Church.

So we finally got rid of slavery, but then we endured — the descendants of the freed slaves endured — another hundred year reign of “conservative” terror and violence under segregation, which ended mostly because of the willingness and ability of African American protesters to withstand the onslaught of “conservative” violence they met when they tried to eradicate it.

Good “conservatives” have fought a rear guard action ever since, never having reconciled themselves to the wacky, leftist idea of African American equality. They finally found their voice in Donald Trump, who has been only too willing to espouse every “conservative” nostrum and go full racist in his statements and his policies.

And now, unsurprisingly, his minions are following his lead to its logical conclusion, trying, apparently ineptly — appreciate small favors — to visit violence on people whom Trump has attacked in his frequent political rallies, which he should not be having anyway while he is in office.

No, the right, not “the left,” is violent. I’ll keep saying it as long as I need to.

Written by

Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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