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The Sun

Okay, I did it. I just couldn’t resist. I created BuddhaPAC. The web site is here. Please give if you are so inclined.

The prevailing theme is peace, but with the recognition that, as the old saying goes, no justice, no peace. Know justice, know peace. From a Buddhist perspective, peace is the goal, but also a necessary precondition. Highly accomplished meditators can meditate pretty much anywhere, but anyone will require a substantial amount of practice to get to that point, and the practice pretty much has to start in a location that is already pretty peaceful.

A lot of issues that we think of as “political” have an impact on people’s access to peaceful places where they can work on their meditation practices. Also, Buddhism is very egalitarian. The Buddha was very clear that all humans are already enlightened and have the capacity to awaken as he did. Buddhists see no basis for excluding anyone who wants to participate.

So BuddhaPAC will support candidates who promote equality of opportunity and treatment, and want to increase access for all people to the sorts of environments and qualify of life that allows them sufficient peace to meditate.

We have a book.

Please help spread the word.

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