Remember, long, long, ago, last March and April, when Fox News “personality” Laura Ingraham was busy making fun on national television of David Hogg, the high school student who became instantly famous after he survived the school shooting in Parkland, Florida? Hogg made the rookie PR mistake of complaining in public about universities that had refused to admit him, and in a classic display of thoughtful, mature, Christian behavior, Ingraham decided she needed to pile on and snipe at him from her perch at everyone’s favorite propaganda channel, Fox News.

Hogg then called for boycott of her advertisers, which some then expanded to the even better idea of boycotting all Fox News advertisers, since Ingraham is just a symptom. Fox is the disease. Ingraham is the bubo, Fox is the plague.

Now this idea has resurfaced. The journalistic agitators at Crooks and Liars have published a call to boycott all Fox advertisers, including a list of them from the Fox web site, with Twitter handles.

Why, here it is for your reference!

Keurig Green Mountain@Keurig
Ford @Ford
Lincoln @LincolnMotorCo
Pfizer @pfizer
Liberty Mutual @libertymutual
Bayer AG & Monsanto@Bayer @BayerUS
Honda @Honda
Acura @Acura
Ace Hardware @acehardware
Procter & Gamble@ProcterGamble @Bounty @MyCascade @Charmin @Crest @DawnDish @Febreze_Fresh @downy @Gillette @GilletteVenus @OlaySkin @OralB@Pantene @Swiffer @Tide @Luvs @Pampers
Allstate @Allstate
Esurance @Esurance
Capital One@capitalone
Go RVing@GoRVing
Glaxo Smith Kline @GSK
Subaru @subaru_usa
Fiat Chrysler (Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Jeep) →@FiatChrysler_NA@alfa_romeo@AlfaRomeoUSA @Dodge @Jeep
Expedia @Expedia
Trivago @trivago
Lear Capital @LearCapital
Boehringer Ingelheim (Dulcolax, Jardiance, Zantac)@boehringerus @Boehringer
Tena @tena_us
Rakuten (Ebates)@RakutenToday @Ebates
Progressive @Progressive

Let’s get to boycotting! And remember, a boycott is necessarily a public act. Let all your friends know that you’re boycotting any company you know advertises on Fox News, and let the company know, too.


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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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