Poor Donald. He went to a Washington Nationals baseball game — without taking his teen son, which turned out to be a good thing — and, when they announced his presence and showed him sitting in the stands on the jumbotron, elicited boos and chants of “lock him up” from the crowd.

Very American.

Some “conservatives” clutched their pearls at the specter of baseball fans calling for the imprisonment of the so called president. The always handsome, if vacuous, Morning Joe compared chanting “lock him up” about Trump to Trump fans chanting “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton.

This is idiotic, as one would expect from a major source of idiocy on the boob tube these days.

The enormous difference, obvious to any thinking person, is that we have no reason to think that Hillary has committed any crimes. We have mounds of evidence that Trump has committed multiple crimes. Trump is an elected (sort of) official. Extrapolating from Supreme Court decisions in cases involving claims of libel by public figures, the point of the firsts amendment is to ensure robust political debate, which can get rough and tumble.

Hillary had spent nearly 30 years of her life in public service in various capacities by the time she ran for president in 2016 and had endured pretty much every calumny anyone could think up. She has a thick skin because she needs one.

Trump had zero experience as a public official before his misbegotten run for the presidency. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not understand the long standing practices of politics in the United States, including the strong protections we afford free speech and the free press under our First Amendment. He has been a very bad president and richly deserves the impeachment the House has finally undertaken against him.

He also deserves to get booed at a baseball game.

“Conservatives” like Morning Low can just suck it up.

The freedom to criticize public officials our Constitution ensures is distinctively liberal. The entire U.S. Constitution is distinctively liberal. It is literally the basis of the republic, the right on which our founding defiance of the king of England rests.

If Morning Low and his side piece cannot figure that out, they should go find jobs that are more suited to their limited abilities.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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