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Donald Trump

Our worst president yet has announced his intention to give a national address about the “crisis” at our border with Mexico.

There is no crisis at the border. To the extent that there is a large problem that wants addressing, there is such mostly because of his administration’s ham fisted handling of an unprecedented number of families arriving at the border, mostly seeking asylum, having fled the horror that the United States has created with our endless mucking about in the domestic affairs of their home countries.

This is, in sum, a “conservative” problem that the “conservative” response here has only made worse.

Now the discussion has turned to the question of whether the major television networks should cover Trump’s speech live.

Lots of ordinary citizens think, as they have claimed for some time, that “the media” should just ignore Trump, since this problem, as with all problems in the Trump administration, emanate from his bloated ego. On this logic, he just wants the attention, so depriving him of network news coverage would solve, or at least substantially reduce, the problem.

There is one much easier solution that every individual in the country can choose to implement in the safety and comfort of their own homes:

Just don’t watch.

Television is a major source of the problem to begin with. Trump gained fame as a “reality TV” show star. “Reality TV” is a major oxymoron. Nothing about having a TV crew follow a person around is “reality.”

“Morning Joe,” a television show with two pretty, vacuous people supposedly reporting news, became cheerleaders for Trump, helping him win with fawning coverage.

Television is a lousy way to get news. It reduces complex issues and encourages shouting matches, which people choose to watch, for unknown reasons. To be well informed, one must read.

So, do the country, and yourself, a favor: blow up your boob tube.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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