Blood on Republicans’ Hands

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Leading Republican

Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

The Democrats should have started impeachment long ago, but now that they have, they should take their time with the impeachment investigation. It still is apparently the case that most Republican Senators will continue to put what they think is best for their pathetic Party, and their mortal fear of Mad King Donald, ahead of the interests of the nation and refuse to remove the Mad King, which they plainly have the legal power to do.

But, as has been obvious for some time, news of the impeachment investigation is driving the Mad King even crazier than he was before, and his actions become only more irresponsible. The decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, leaving the Kurds to the mercy of the Turks, was a decision so outrageous that even some Republicans objected.

As the impeachment investigation continues, it will continue to cause events and reveal criminal activity by the Mad King that will propel him to even more irresponsible decisions. The Democrats have little choice in the matter. Impeachment is clearly the responsible choice. But the irresponsibility of the Mad King will likely harm innocent people, as we expect to happen to the Kurds.

Any blood will land on the hands of Republicans who refuse to step up and remove the Mad King before he kills more people than he already has.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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