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The New York Post has a story about how the Trump administration has search warrants for Facebook pages belonging to anti Trump activists.

Count me in. Put me on your list. Please. I dare you.

This is legal nonsense. Warrants are only valid as tools for investigating crimes.

By definition, opposing the president of the United States using the means Facebook makes available cannot be a crime. It is protected political speech.

Even threatening to kill the president would only be illegal if the threat were credible.

I have posted on a blog my intention to kill the president. I guess I’m not famous enough. I got no visit from the Secret Service, unlike Kathy Griffin, who was dumb enough to talk to them.

Everyone under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution is free to express any criticism of the president she or he chooses, entirely free of legal consequences.

Donald Trump is a raving idiot. He is obviously incompetent, far too stupid to be at all effective as president, an embarrassment to the office. We should remove him at the earliest possible opportunity.

Of course I intend to post this everywhere I can in hope of attracting the attention of the Department of “Justice,” which does not deserve the name as long as anyone who is voluntarily in the Trump orbit has any decision making authority there at all.

Come get me.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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