Abortion is the will of god

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Emphatic opponents of abortion rights, usually good Christians and Republicans in the United States, are fond of taking the position that they want to prohibit all abortions, even if the mother has suffered rape or incest. Not all of them. Some are willing to make those exceptions.

But the ones who do not want to make those exceptions then find themselves in the difficult position of explaining why they can seem so unsympathetic to women who have suffered rape.

This is where Christian obfuscation comes in handy. It is not facially unreasonable, it may even be necessary, for theists to take the position that we poor, addled humans, as creatures of this alleged deity, are simply incapable of understanding everything that deity chooses to do. So, while it seems horrible to us that the omnipotent deity, who is necessarily responsible for everything that happens on the planet it created, and to the entities he put onto that planet, would allow any woman to suffer rape, we have no choice but to accept its choice and, if a pregnancy results, to carry the baby to term.

There are two glaring flaws in this logic, at least. First, those who advocate it are trying to have their cake and eat it, too. When a woman gets raped, good Christians profess their ignorance of the ways of god. But, if the woman wants an abortion, suddenly the very same Christians are quite certain they know that the very same god emphatically does not want the woman to have an abortion.

But if the moral calculus of allowing rape is opaque to humans, then the moral calculus of allowing abortion must be, as well. This is necessarily true as a logical question, although of course good Christians are often not a very logical group.

The even bigger failing in the Christian position on abortion is this: if you really believe in an omnipotent deity, you are stuck with the belief that it causes everything within its creation to happen. So, if god allowed the rape to happen and the woman to get pregnant, then it must have wanted it to happen that way.

The problem is that the same logic must apply to abortion.

Indeed, if you really, really believe that your god is omnipotent, then you have to believe as well that nothing at all happens on earth that is not the will of god.

That necessarily includes abortion.

So abortion is god’s will.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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