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The Buddha

Abiding is an important concept in Buddhism. “To abide” has several meanings, one of which is “to remain stable or fixed in a state.”

As your meditation practice progresses, you will encounter states that feel amazing. You will find enormous peace and beauty. A likely immediate reaction will be that you want them to last forever. They won’t. Not at first, anyway. Increasing their duration and making them more stable is the next step in the practice.

But, when they first occur, do not try to grab them or prolong them, except by abiding. Remember that clinging or grasping are the problems. Clinging to bliss is still clinging and what you most want to stop doing. That you are clinging while you meditate makes no difference. You are still clinging.

When you have a moment of bliss or stunning beauty, just sit still with it and let it sit as it is. Enjoy the moment, but realize and accept that it will disappear. Also, do not specifically try to bring it back. You did not plan it to begin with and you cannot plan to bring it back. That is not how this works.

Just keep meditating, which is what caused it to arise to begin with, and rest assured that it will return someday.

For you to abide in.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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