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An Actual Lynching

One could wish he would stop, but it seems obvious that the so called president has zero understanding of the problem, and so lacks the ability to stop proving how profoundly stupid and ill informed he is.

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The Whiner in Chief

It is tempting to say that, for Trump to compare the impeachment of him to a lynching requires a huge amount of nerve, except that it only demonstrates that he is stupid and clueless. An impeachment is not a lynching. A lynching is, by definition, an extra legal assassination, usually violent, of someone whose identity makes them susceptible to extra legal violence, meaning, not white male billionaires, certainly not presidents of the United States.

What is more worrisome than the ongoing obtuseness of the so called president is the point that some of his toadies, who must have a stronger grasp of law and legal procedures than he does, must have fed this stupid idea to him. It is not impossible to infringe on rights to due process in an impeachment proceeding, but it is nearly so. Certainly the Democrats have not even approached any such infringement with the current impeachment.

“Due process” is a very broad term that encompasses all aspects of a criminal prosecution, which an impeachment is in some important sense. It includes the manner of arresting the suspect, which is not an issue here, and of searching for evidence, which the House is mostly doing right now by issuing subpoenas. We know that the so called president has refused to comply with any of those. If anything, he is defeating due process himself by refusing to comply with legally valid subpoenas. This is an issue the House should take to the Supreme Court as quickly as possible to learn if the Court will uphold the law, or fall back on the hyper partisanship that Republicans have inflicted on the Republic to allow Trump to continue his defiance.

The House is also issuing subpoenas to demand that specific individuals testify about matters they know about that fall within the ambit of the impeachment as the House has currently defined it. Sadly for Trump, happily for the Republic and the rule of law, several such persons have testified or are testifying at this moment on the subject of the latest Trump scandal, his abuse of his power as president to try to browbeat officials in Ukraine to investigate entirely spurious allegations against former vice president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

As former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was testifying to three House committees, they learned that the Trump administration had ordered her not to do so. Trump’s current lackey lawyer, Paul Cipollone, continues to schlep his absurd argument that the impeachment inquiry is not legally valid because Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not held a vote of the full House to authorize it.

This is rank nonsense. To repeat the point, the Supreme Court has declined to adjudicate a challenge to the Senate’s procedure for holding an impeachment trial on the grounds that the Constitution assigns to that body “the sole power to try all impeachments.” Similarly, the Constitution assigns to the House “the sole power of impeachment.” That is, if the Judicial branch will not presume to intervene in impeachment procedures that the Constitution plainly assigns “sole” power over to the Legislative branch, then the Executive branch equally has no say in the matter.

This is even more so when the position of the Executive branch plainly has a primarily political motive behind it. Cipollone’s argument is not a legal one, but a purely political attempt to help Trump dodge an entirely valid impeachment.

Which is not a lynching.

It is completely consistent with the over privileged obtuseness that has been the defining feature of Trump’s life from the moment of his birth that he would so trivialize the horrible reality of lynching, which caused the murder of countless African American, Hispanic, and Native American men and women in the United States by calling the fully valid and well deserved impeachment of him that. This is idiotic and horrifying in the extreme, and typical of Trump’s total inability to understand anything about our nation’s history, the good, the bad, and the very ugly.

As with so many other aspects of Trump’s exceedingly poor performance as president of the United States, this grotesque error is not legally relevant to the impeachment, but it is yet another reason why we should redouble our efforts to remove him from office as soon as possible.

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Uppity gay, Buddhist, author, historian.

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